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led corn lights

LED Corn Lights

When looking for lighting that gives the best in all-around output for maximum light dispersion, a corn light is a great solution.
Designed to offer light that is more focused and dispersed from all angles, LED corn light bulbs give the best of a high performing light emitting diode lamp coupled with a smart design for maximum output in an energy efficient package.

led corn lights led factory
  • LED Corn Bulb is one of the brightest and the most energy efficient bulbs that throws light at a beam angle of 360 degrees.

  • Suitable to both commercial and industrial applications, an LED corn bulb is high on waterproof rating, a must criteria for performance as an outdoor LED luminaire.

  • With a good thermal management, an extended lifespan and easy installation option, the luminaire is completely non-toxic and free from harmful radiation.

  • You can use them in shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, workshop etc. anywhere you need bright light.

led corn lights applications
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