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led parking lot lights

LED Parking Lot Lights

LED Factory

LED parking lot lights are becoming an increasingly popular choice for modern developers and builders. They offer many benefits other lamps don’t such as low energy costs, lower maintenance costs, and higher light quality.

  • LED Parking Lot Lights are parking lot light fixtures built using light emitting diode (LED) technology.

  • The LED technology allows for considerable energy savings and better quality light

  • This one may be obvious, but what may not be obvious is that even though we call them parking lot lights, they are really all purpose area lights.

  • We can use them for flood lighting or sports lighting applications too. The possible uses are kind of endless.

led parking lot light

Lighting systems for car parks and parking lots must first ensure the safety and security of vehicles. On the other hand, they need to be efficient and economical, because it is a rather high cost of electricity. This is especially true to large underground parking areas and complexes, where the light is on all day and night.

led parking lot light before after application

Reasons to Use LED Lights in Parking Lot

  • Cost

    The LED lights offer lower energy and maintenance costs. Usually, the LED light have a useful life of 100,000 hours. This means that you will not have to replace them as often as HID lights, as in about every 5 years to every 25 years.

  • Energy Savings

    They are 70% more energy efficient than HID allowing you to save thousands of dollars in energy cost. (300 watts replaces 1000 watts). LEDs can get up to 140 lumens to watt.

  • Light Quality

    Another reasons for selecting LED lights is the quality of the light. These lights provide better Color Rendering Index rating, from a 50 in metal halide to about 75 in LED. From 20 in the Orange colored high pressure sodium(HPS)! There is also no buzz or flicker, known scientifically as Total Harmonic Distortion( THD). This low THD makes them safer and easier on the eyes.

  • Stylish

    The old boxes are not exactly keeping the place looking new and inviting, May not matter in the back of the warehouse, but retail and other areas with customers do matter. New LED Lights look more appealing and give the area an updated look.

  • Easy To Manage

    No maintenance for 20 years? Yes please. No ballasts to change or bulbs to swap out, that sells it right there. You can focus on specific areas and brighten or dim them. There are many reason why you would be changing the brightness of the lights. It can be to follow the municipal lighting code or to decrease light pollution. You don’t have this flexibility with the HID lights.

  • Safety

    One of the reasons to choose LED lights for parking lot is the safety. Parking lots that are not well lit can be dangerous for everyone. From homes for various crimes to unpredictable driving accidents, these can occur if the lot is not well lit. Having LED lights in your parking lot will make people feel safer and customers more likely to stop by. If the lot is not well lit, its easy with LED lights high output to make the parking lot safer and brighter, and still save some energy. Along with this, it works great with CCTV. If an accident occurs, the security video can capture the incident clearly.

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