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led tube lights

Time to Switch to LED Tube Lights ?

LED tube lights are an excellent alternative to standard fluorescent lights, especially in a commercial or industrial setting. They are ideal for warehouses, garages, production centers, storage areas and fabrication plants.

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Advantages of LED Tube Lights

Like regular LED light bulbs, LED tube lights have many advantages over standard light bulbs.

• High energy efficiency: An LED tube light can slash your energy bill up to 50%.
• Improved color rendering: LED bulbs to render color clearly. You and your workers will see materials in their true colors.
• Long life: A typical LED tube light can last up to 50,000 hours. Note, this number refers to typical use, which may not be what you use, especially in an industrial setting. It’s still considerably longer than the life of a regular bulb.
• Durability: LED bulbs are durable and shatterproof. You can use them safely around chemicals and caustic substances. That makes them ideal for commercial and industrial settings.

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Convert Fluorescent Lights to LED Tube Bulbs

In commercial settings, replacing your fluorescent lights with LED tubes can help you save money. Fluorescent lights are the most popular choice for offices, warehouses, and other commercial settings, but LED tubes are a cost-efficient, versatile alternative.

Here are some tips for making the switch.

Choose the lighting level: To get the right level of illumination, remember that LED bulbs use lumens to measure light output. Most modern LED bulbs list the wattage equivalent on their packaging. You can find bulbs for every light level you need.

Select warm or cool light: LED bulbs come in cool or warm light. Cool lighting is an excellent choice for offices and warehouses because it helps people stay alert and focused. Bright, warm lighting is good for garages, parking lots, and other areas you want to flood with light.

Check your fixtures: Replacing your light fixtures is expensive and inconvenient. Fortunately, most LED tubes will fit in your existing fluorescent fixtures. No special wiring is needed. If you have older fixtures, you may have to use LED tubes with a ballast bypass. The bypass allows you to use the fluorescent tube fixture without a ballast circuit. In this setup, the wiring goes directly through the line of voltage.

If you have any questions after reading these posts contact us at LED factory . We would be happy to speak with you about your lighting needs. Additionally, we can put together a free no-obligation assessment for your facility so that you can better understand your return on investment from a lighting project. We look forward to speaking with you.

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