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led wall pack lights

LED Wall Pack Lights

LED Factory

LED Wall Pack lights provide a high-efficient to the perimeter and security lighting for commercial and residential applications. In addition, DLC-qualified LED wall-mounted light fixtures are able to accelerate the payback.

  • Wall pack lights, otherwise alternately known as exterior building lights, are specially designed luminaires that may be mounted on the outer part of commercial building walls.

  • As a result of being pretty standard and extensively used, it is a common sight nowadays in our daily lives.

  • Wall packs are designed with high-intensity lamp heads that, in addition to being energy-efficient and durable, have a low level of light pollution.

  • Among the list of benefits this light puts forth, it is its ability to illuminate specific areas off-premises, bringing additional security and increased protection that needs special mention.

led wall pack installation
led wall packs wide range of applications


LED wall pack with heavy-duty cast aluminum housing and an astonishing life rating of 5,0000 hours, or 20 years with 6 hrs/day of use, replacing your fixtures is now a thing of the past. The LED factory outdoor wall pack light is good ideal.


LED outdoor light wall mount bring your application the best lighting available for 7300 lumen of output, 5000K cool white color, Used for outdoor locations of commercial buildings for building security, walkways, and perimeter lighting.

IP65 waterproof

The wall wack fixture even in humid conditions, rainy season, heavy snow and other bad weather will not seep.

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