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LED Panel Lights - Led Factory


Perfect for commercial, retail, office, and residential applications, these fixtures combine performance, style and savings.

  • LED flat panel lighting is a great energy-saving option for drop ceilings, drywall, suspended, or flush-mounted applications.

  • Panel lighting is available in both edge-lit or back-lit configurations.

  • Edge-lit flat panels provide a uniform light source.

  • Back-lit flat panels historically resembled linear tubes.

  • However, many back-lit led flat panels have evolved to produce a uniform light source via optical distribution.

Led Panel Lights 2x4
Led Panel Lights Application

“I like how the lights work. They can dim. They shut off automatically. And I like that they are saving taxpayers’ money.”

led panel light application church


No more replacing bulbs or disrupting operations. This state-of-the-art LED system has a TM21 rating of 50,000 hours, lasting about 20 years.

How do I install an LED panel ?

All panels are ‘plug and play’, this means that you can easily install them yourself and replace them 1 to 1 with your current TL fixtures. If you are in doubt about whether you are authorized to do so, always contact a certified installer. Always follow the rules for installing electrical devices.

led panel light installation
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