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LED Modules

Our LED Modules are designed for use in high performance lighting applications with features that include high efficacy, consistent color, and excellent lumen maintenance.

Modules are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and while linear and square are the most common, we have a strong background in custom module design and manufacturing

led module lights
led module lights channel letter application
  • LED is defined as Light Emitting Diode. LED module lights are a kind of light that can be easily plugged into any function or compatible units as well. The earlier used LED module lights were mainly for business purposes( for the signages and channel letters); therefore, these are now used in indoor and outdoor settings and also for lighting applications.

  • We stock LED light modules from reputed manufacturers. From spotlight, bollard, and canopy to streetlight and tunnel light, we offer a wide range of LED lighting solutions for every application. Add lights to offices, parking lots, retail areas, healthcare buildings and more with our exclusive selection of downlights. LEDs are available in many color options too.

led module lights store application
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